Today’s Mom


Today’s Mom is comprised of a series of six FREE lessons, each containing clearly stated goals. Each lesson contains interactive activities designed to help moms-to-be learn to make healthy diet and physical activity choices for themselves and their babies.

Lesson 1: Hello Baby

  • Relief for common pregnancy discomforts
  • How Baby grows from month to month
  • Local community resources that may offer assistance
  • Importance of physical activity when pregnant

Lesson 2: Building Baby

  • Healthy eating for you and your baby
  • Importance of the morning meal
  • Healthy weight gain during pregnancy
  • Importance of relaxation techniques when pregnant and during labor

Lesson 3: Feeding Baby

  • Importance of reading food labels
  • Special nutrient needs during pregnancy
  • Importance of relaxation techniques

Lesson 4: Fun in the Kitchen with Baby

  • Food safety for you and your baby
  • Rapid growth of bacteria
  • Substances that can be harmful, especially during pregnancy
  • Easy menu planning
  • Importance of the Kegel exercise

Lesson 5: On the Run with Baby

  • Making healthy food choices at fast food restaurants
  • Selecting low-fat foods
  • Keeping active throughout pregnancy

Lesson 6: Welcome Home Baby

  • Feeding Baby
  • Appropriate physical activity 

Call to pre-register, or come to class June 26. 

313-561-5100 x227